White Bedside Tables and why you need one

21st Oct 2020

White Bedside Tables and why you need one

There has been an increase in the need for simple, white bedside tables. Whether it is because of the minimalist movement that is widely appreciated or just changes in trends and tastes, white bedsides tables are here and they’re not going anywhere.  Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of these side tables and where you can find a range of different styles to suit your needs.

Pros and Cons of White Bedside Tables


Removes visual clutter

White in a bedroom helps to make a space look bigger than it actually is. This is because items appear less obtrusive with edges blending more seamlessly. Pairing various white items, not just side tables, will open up the sense of space in a room.

Reflects Light

White tends to bounce more light around a bedroom than say wooden furniture pieces. White bedside tables are therefore an ideal option for darker rooms or those that only have one natural light source.  

Contrasts other colours

If you have a dark, colourful wall or want to make a signature colour in the room pop, then white is definitely your friend. Snowy white tables will stand out against a colourful wall and provide a lovely contrast. Similarly, if a bed has layers of coloured or patterned bedding, then a set of simple bedside tables will accent rather than compete for attention.


Marks more visible

It might go without saying that white furniture can show up marks and dust more easily. Try and get a set of tables with a finish that is easier to clean to reduce the upkeep.

Easy to overdo

While we love white in any room, is can be easy to over-do. Too much white without contrast of colours, patterns and textures, can make a room look bland and sterile. To avoid, choose your textures, accents and décor carefully to make the white furniture work for you and not against you. 

Mocka’s White Bedside Tables

At Mocka, we love the simple, classic style of a white bedside table and have a whole bunch to choose from.

Brooklyn Bedside Table

Brooklyn Bedside Table - Mocka NZ

The Brooklyn Bedside Table is all about straight lines and simple, white style. This is a great bedside table to remove any visual clutter and has a simple modern, design that will pair with a variety of styles.

Locka Bedside Table

Locka Bedside Table - Mocka NZ

Not-your-average, the Locka Bedside Table has serious style. The powder coated steel makes it a great reflective surface so will certainly brighten a space, not to mention is super easy to keep clean.  

Sadie Bedside Table

Sadie Bedside Table - Mocka NZ

If you might be baulking at a completely white unit, then the Sadie Bedside Table would suit you. Providing a lovely contrast with the wood-grain top, this unit is the best of both worlds. 

Jolt Bedside Table

Jolt Bedside Table - Mocka NZ

The Jolt Bedside Table is the ultimate white bedside table.  Affordable and sleek, it pairs different finishes to create a dynamic look. The glossy, drawer front and top surface help reflect natural light and are super easy to clean. If there is one bedside table you need, this might just be it!

Are you a fan of white bedside tables? Which option do you love the best? Be sure to let us know over on our Facebook page or Instagram account. For more bedroom styling ideas and tips, check out our others posts such as ‘5 Bedroom Furniture Mistakes to Avoid’ or ‘How to Create a Gender-Neutral Master Bedroom.’


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