How to Create a Gender-Neutral Master Bedroom

20th Oct 2020

How to Create a Gender-Neutral Master Bedroom

As soon as someone says the words gender-neutral, you immediately think of nurseries. However, the issue of creating a gender-neutral bedroom doesn’t necessarily end there. Couples living together can face the same difficulty of creating a unified master bedroom as one person’s style is often more dominant (especially if either you have moved into your partner’s house or vice versa). Some couples are fortunate and have very similar tastes, however we aren’t all that lucky -  they don’t say opposites attract for no reason!

Getting the right blend of masculine and feminine elements and accommodating different tastes is hard. So to get you designing a master bedroom that BOTH of you can enjoy,  check out these helpful tips on creating a gender-neutral master bedroom!

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A Base to Build On

Having a simple base to build on top of is the easier way to begin. Choose furniture with clean lines and a neutral, colour palate. White is always your friend, but grey or browns and wood are also a good foundation to adapt to multiple different tastes. Try finding a wood you both like. If one person prefers dark wood, while the another prefers light, perhaps meet somewhere in the middle. Metals, silver or gold are also a great option – just make sure the design isn’t too much for either person.

neutral colour palette

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Add Masculine and Feminine Accents

Once you have your neutral base sorted, you can have fun ying-yanging the room. Together choose a few accenting colours that complement or contrast each other. Blue, green, yellow or red are gorgeous depending on whether you want a more cool or warm style. Add a dash of pink and black or whatever your favourite colours might be. Flowers immediately add a feminine touch but can certainly be enjoyed by everyone. Texture and patterns in rugs, throws, cushions and curtains will really bring the space into balance. Try contrasting a masculine quilt with a feminine rug – you’ll be amazed at how this harmonises a room.

add feminie accents


To really bring it all together and make the master bedroom your own, personalise it with items that celebrate each of you. Photos, travel mementos, stacked books, plants, candles and little knick-knacks. Perhaps a cool vintage toy, machine part or music record. It is also not necessary to have mirrored side table styling. Give each other the freedom to personalise your own side of the bed with the items you need on hand and that mean something to you individually.


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