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  • 8 Reasons Your Kids Should Sleep in Bunk Beds


    The King of kids’ beds, the Bunk Bed has fascinated children from all generations for decades. The adventure it represents to kids always delights and helps make bedtime fun for any little sleeper. If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading for our 8 reasons your kids should sleep in a bunk bed.

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  • How to Set Up Your Living Room for Under $1000

    Living Room For Under $1000 - Mocka NZ

    When it comes to living rooms, often the most money is spent on a sublime lounge (maybe one you have had your eye on for ages). While sinking into that cushy goodness is pure bliss, it doesn’t feel as good doing it in an empty room. Happily, Mocka has you covered. We thought we’d show how you can set up your living room so it is comfortable, practical and stylish….and all for under $1000!

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  • 10 Ways to Hide Toys From Visitors

    10 Ways To Hide Toys From Visitors - Mocka NZ

    Anyone with children knows the feeling when guests are about to arrive and it looks like the contents of a toy store have been dumped in your living room. But before you start stuffing toys behind cushions or tidying up in a frenzy, check out our 10 ways to hide toys from visitors and save yourself the time and stress of the pre-party scramble.

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  • Set Up an Entire Kids Bedroom for Under $750

    Set Up An Entire Kids Bedroom For Under $750 - Mocka NZ

    While we always want to provide the best for children, raising and supporting kids can be a costly affair at times. This is one of the reason we are so passionate about offering quality kids furniture which are also affordable.

    Not yet convinced? Well we thought we would show you just how easy it is to set up an entire kids bedroom for under $750. Yip, that’s right. An ENTIRE kids bedroom setup. that won’t cost you anymore than some beds alone are worth. In fact, just to sweeten the deal, we have tallied together TWO kids bedroom set ups to choose from (truth be told, we had so much fun the first time, we couldn’t resist doing it a second time!).

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  • How to Get the Best Breakfast Bar Looks with Mocka

    Best Breakfast Bar Looks - Mocka NZ
    The breakfast bar is often where each member of the family begins their day and is the area where guests are welcomed over drinks. Not to mention, the Kitchen Counter can become a desk, reading chair or playroom at the drop of a hat! So with all this activity happening in one little area it is important to not only have comfortable bar stools, but also super stylish ones as well! Keep reading to discover how to get the best breakfast bar looks with Mocka Bar Stools.

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