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  • 5 Bedroom Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

    Furniture Mistakes to Avoid - Mocka NZ

    While other spaces in your home are shared with family and friends, your bedroom should be a place where you can unwind and have privacy. A tranquil and pleasing bedroom can provide a refuge from the stresses of everyday life. Bedroom furniture and design mistakes can create a room that is overly stimulating, uncomfortable and far from stress free. So check out our five bedroom furniture mistakes to avoid, to ensure your bedroom is a dream and not a nightmare!

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  • How Do Balance Bikes Work?


    What is a Balance Bike?

    balance bike is a simple wooden or metal bike for toddlers that does not have pedals or training wheels. Sometimes called running bikes, they help children learn balance and steering.

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  • The Magic of Floating Shelves

    How do Floating Shelves work Mocka NZ

    In recent years, there has been a big push towards more minimal and tranquil interior design. A move which has seen the Floating Shelf become extremely popular in recent years (browse your favourite interior Instagram and Pinterest feeds and in minutes we are sure you will see floating shelf inspo!). Whether you are a Floating Shelf convert or the uninitiated, keep reading to discover the magic of Floating Shelves.

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  • Surviving a Toy-nado with Nifty Childrens Storage Ideas

    Childrens Storage Ideas with Mocka NZ

    If you are still amidst the school holidays, then you may be amazed at the destruction little ones are able to leave in their path – something we like to dub the ‘Toy-nado’. This never-ending debris may seem like it is taking over your home. But never fear, Mocka has plenty of nifty childrens storage ideas that can help you survive even the most disastrous of holiday escapades. Keep reading for your Toy-nado survival kit!

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  • How to Choose Your First Baby Cot

    How to choose your first baby cot - Mocka NZ

    When investing in your first baby cot, knowing what things to look for can be a challenge. At Mocka we are all about helping out, so have compiled a no-fuss guide with all the information any new parent needs to choose the best cot for them and their baby.

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