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  • Lockdown 2020 - 5 Things You’ve Finally Got Time For!

    Lockdown 2020 - 5 Things You’ve Finally Got Time For - Mocka NZ


    There’s always a silver lining, and our current lock down situation is no different.
    Whether you like it or not, we have (a lot) more time on our hands, which means we’ve finally got time for the things we are forever putting off!

    Here’s 5 things you’ve finally got time for, I’m sure there’s more not on this list too!

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  • 10 Ways To Hide From Your Children - A Handy Guide For Parents!

    Mocka - 10 ways to hide from your children - A handy guide for parents!

    Let me just start by saying that I think my children are wonderful.

    But sometimes, I just want to hide from them for an indefinite amount of time. Does that make me a bad person?

    If you, like me, love your kids but would also like to hide from them occasionally, this list could help you out. Introducing the top 10 ways to hide from your children!*

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  • A Guide to Choosing Kids Beds

    Moving your child to their first ‘big kids’ bed is an important step for any parent and their child.

    Knowing this will be your child’s bed for the next long while, you want to ensure you make the right choice and give them the best possible chance to sleep through the night (which means extra winks for Mum and Dad, too).

    To make the decision easier, we looked at some things to consider when choosing kids beds.

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  • Four Amazing Cots under $350 in New Zealand

    Four Amazing Cots Under $350 In New Zealand - Mocka NZ


    In New Zealand, as nursery furniture goes, the cot is super important as it will most likely be your baby’s bed for two to three years, where they’ll sleep safe and sound (and hopefully through the night!).

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  • Designing Tips for Kids Bedrooms

    Designing Tips For Kids Bedrooms - Mocka NZ

    Kids bedrooms serve multiple purposes – playroom, study and sanctuary. However, the most important role of a kid’s bedroom is as a place for your child to sleep in comfort and safety at the end of the day.

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