5 Different Ways to Style your Nursery with Mocka

20th Oct 2020

Designing your nursery can be a fun project for first time parents. Some parents know exactly how they would like to style their nursery while others can be overwhelmed by the process of it all. With the amount of beautiful nursery images on the internet it can be a daunting task deciding on the right style. Mocka have provided you with 5 different themes to help make your decision process easy.

Gender Neutral

If you don’t know the sex of your baby or wish to keep the nursery gender neutral for future additions to the family then you can’t go past a neutral colour pallet.

Decorate the room with staple pieces of furniture made from natural woods and keep the colour palette clean by using whites and beiges for the walls. You can introduce colour through prints, mobiles, paintings, linen, toys and rugs.

Neutral Nursery


Girly Girl

Designing a nursery especially for a baby girl can be an exciting experience. Most people opt for the stereotypical pink colours however; don’t let that stop you from experimenting with other colours.

Think fun and colourful and decorate with bows, flowers, spots, love hearts and baby animals. A classic wooden rocking horse will complete the look of any girly girl nursery.

Girly Girl Nursery

Boys toys

There are many fun ways that you can style a nursery fit for a little baby boy. Natural wooden furniture contrasts beautifully against blue or green hues.

You can decorate the room using boy’s toys like little cars, paintings, buntings or wall stickers. Soften the room and make it more personal by displaying photographs and personalised artwork.

Making it Modern

With the amount of great products there are on the market, designing a modern nursery can be fun. You can choose to keep the room simple or go as extravagant with your designs as you wish.

Find a colour palette that is on trend and work that in with modern nursery furniture and décor. Steer clear of cutesy pastels and baby animals and instead gravitate towards fun décor that adds to the modern theme.

There are many great bright and colourful cots on the market that will really add a pop of colour to the space. Fun lamps and contemporary toys are great for adding that modern element to the room.

Modern Nursery


Nautical nurseries are great for the boat loving families that love to live by the sea. Opt for white furniture and decorate your nursery using a blue, white and beige colour palette.

Try to steer clear of using too much red as the vibrant colour can overpower the nurseries nautical theme. Add nautical elements through nautical themed décor including prints, toys, books and buntings.

When designing your nursery always remember to opt for furniture that can grow with your child. Cots that can convert into the toddler beds will save you money in the long run and try finding change tables that double as drawers for future use.


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