Your Children will Love Hanging Out in a Mocka Joey Chair

19th Oct 2020

Most children love to hang, whether it’s from trees in the park, monkey bars in the playground or the hills hoist in the backyard. Children love the fun, adventure and feeling of hanging off something. That’s why Mocka designed their Joey Chairs.

Mocka’s Joey Chairs are the best kids hanging chair out on the market. Their bright design and comfortable fabric will have your kids wanting to sit in them all day long. Mocka’s Joey Chairs are available in two bright colour combos. Blue and red which is perfect for the little boys that would love to use it as their secret hideaway; or pink and Green which is a hit with the girls who would have a wonderful time relaxing, reading or playing in it. Mocka’s Joey Chairs are available in two sizes, small and large.  The small size is perfect for one child and the large can fit two.

Your Children will love hiding away in their Joey Chair. They can curl up and have a nap, read a book, play with their toys or chat and giggle with their best friend. It’s guaranteed to be your child’s favourite chair in the house. The best part about Mocka’s Joey Chairs is you don’t have to leave it inside the house! Mocka’s Joey Chairs can be taken outside and hung underneath a tree for your children to enjoy the fresh air and outside play. However, remember to bring them in at the end of the day to keep them looking great.

Mocka’s Joey Chairs are made from 100% durable cotton canvas. You can rest assure knowing that this fabric is durable and strong to support your little ones. They also come with a removable podded cushion for extra comfort.

If your children love to hang then they will love Mocka’s Joey Chair. It’s the perfect boredom buster for any kid at any age.

Hanging out in Mocka Joey Chair


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