Your Child will be in their Own World with Mocka’s Teepees

19th Oct 2020

Now that the weather is warming up and your children are busting to play outside you will find plenty of outside toys that will keep them occupied all day long at Mocka.

Mocka’s Teepees are very popular amongst the little ones and are perfect for the warmer weather. Made from durable cotton canvas they are soft enough to sleep in for inside slumber parties or strong enough to be played with outside. Your child’s imagination will run wild with their very own Mocka Teepee and with five styles to choose from there is one to suit any child’s interests.

If you have a budding cowboy with heaps of energy to burn then he will love Mocka’s Cowboy Teepee. Your child’s imagination will run wild with its cowboy print on the outside and vibrant green lining on the inside. Your little one will enjoy playing cowboys and Indians outside of their teepee and resting inside it before they do it all again.

If your house is the opposite and you have a bunch of little fairies fluttering around then they will adore Mocka’s Pink Stripe Teepee. With a gorgeous pink stripe on the outside and fairy print lining, your little girl will enjoy playing fairies and princesses with all of her friends while having a special place to eat her fairy bread.

If you’re after a mutual style that will suit both boys and girls you can’t go past Mocka’s Blue Stripe or Union Jack Teepees. Your children will have endless amounts of fun using it as their house, hut or tent as they explore new worlds together. One window in each of Mocka’s Teepees ensures that extra breeze can flow through to keep the Teepee cool for your little ones.

Now that you have your Teepee all set, you need to start decorating it and you can’t go past Mocka’s Teepee Cushions and Buntings. Mix and match the Teepee Cushions and string up some of Mocka Buntings and the decorating will be complete. Pack a picnic to share with your child in their Teepee and you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Mocka’s Teepee doors have a tie at the bottom on each side for easy entry and the floor of the Teepee has ties on each corner to ensure it can be secured easily. You will be happy to know that Mocka’s Teepees are very easy to assemble and are tested and certified to meet EN71 safety standards.

Mocka’s Teepee’s are easy to transport (especially in the custom made teepee bags that are available) to the beach, park or your child’s friend’s house for their play dates. Your child will love creating a lifetime of memories playing with their friends in their Mocka Teepee.

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