Where to begin when styling a nursery?

14th Mar 2023

Where to begin when styling a nursery?

Do you need help finding nursery ideas? We get it - designing a nursery for your new bundle of joy can be an exciting and overwhelming journey and we are here to help with some top tips to make styling your new nursery a fun and stress-free process! Create a room you will love and a cosy space for your little one to sleep and grow.


When beginning the design process of any room, the first step is taking the time to consider what the colour palette of the space will be. 

There are various themes and colour palettes you can consider when designing a nursery, such as the conventional pastel palette that adds a whimsical touch, the use of creative wallpaper which adds a unique element, or a colourful space that allows your little one to fully immerse themselves in their own imagination. By taking elements from each of these nursery room trends, you can create a space that you and your little one will love. Don't be afraid to explore the world of vibrant colour, playful patterns and cozy textures to add life to the space. 

We suggest dedicating fun prints and colours to one area or wall as to create a joyful focal area without overpowering the space. By balancing the more saturated hues with subtle pastel tones or simple natural colours will create a sense of harmony in the space to ensure it isn’t too overstimulating. Keeping this approach in mind when choosing the colour palette will ensure that the room remains versatile and will adapt and grow with your child's preferences and requirements over time.


The cot serves as the focal point of the nursery and is also where your bub will spend most of their time in the first few weeks, because of this, practicality and safety should be top of mind when selecting a cot. Ensuring that it adheres to safety standards whilst complementing the overall aesthetic of the space is key.

Mocka cots excel in functionality and practicality but also in design. With a wide variety of on-trend colour, materials and styles you are sure to find the perfect cot to suit your nursery no matter the colour palette or theme. Explore using pops of colour with the timeless Aspen Cot that is now available in limited edition pink or take a more organic and classic approach with our variety of natural timbers and metal options. 

Finding a cot that can also accommodate your little one as they grow older will make the transition from baby to toddler more cost-efficient. Cots that offer conversation capabilities can be transformed into a toddler bed that inherently eliminates the need to purchase a single bed during the initial years of the child’s life. By selecting the right cot, you can create a comfortable and secure sleeping space that will nurture your little one for years to come.


When designing your nursery, the change table is an essential part that should not be overlooked. To ensure the change table is a practical and functional addition to the space it is important to carefully consider the features that will make the change table helpful. 

Firstly, sturdiness is key when it comes to ensuring the change table can support your baby’s movements. Secondly, ample storage space is important to consider before purchasing. Ensure that all baby essentials can be organized, stored away and easily accessible. Lastly, the ability to be cleaned and sanitized with ease. 

These are the key qualities to consider when purchasing the change table that will provide you with a safe, organised and hygienic area for diaper changes. Explore options with drawers, open shelving or a combination to find what works best for you.


Storage plays an essential part in the design of all spaces in the home, prioritizing storage will ensure the room is clutter-free and well-organised, this also applies to a nursery.With so many essentials that are required at the ready, but should be safely kept out of bub's reach, especially as they get more curious.

If the room is smaller in scale, consider utilising wall space to maximize the amount of storage you have by using floating shelves or hanging storage baskets to store their favourite books and toys. If there is more floor space to work with you can’t go wrong with a set of drawers. Explore options that work best for your space from wide and squat to tall and narrow. To assist with keeping extra toys off the floor an easy solution is using storage baskets in various sizes to keep the space looking clean but allow easy access to the little one's favourite toys. 

Search for storage solutions that are both practical and visually appealing as they can also serve as decorative elements in the space.



The final thing to consider when designing your nursery is the small touches of décor that really bring the overall design and aesthetic of the space together. Bring excitement to the space with unique wallpaper and wall décor that matches the theme of the room, colourful cushions, a touch of trend with the sculptural boucle ottoman and a play mat to give your little one a warm welcome to their new space. These final touches will bring personality to the space but keep in mind that these elements can be easily changed as your bub grows and their interests change, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and themes.

Use these tips to design and style your new nursery and create a room you both will love! For more styling tips and inspiration explore our instagram and blog for the latest 2023 trends!


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