Traditional Fun with Mocka’s Box Cart

19th Oct 2020

Push carts are a traditional toy that generations of children have enjoyed. Most of them were usually constructed in the shed from scraps of bikes, wood, metal and any other materials that were lying around the house and were raced down the nearest hill in the neighbourhood. Mocka love to bring back traditional toys for the upcoming generations to enjoy.

Mocka’s Box Cart is a traditional style push cart that your children would love. Mocka have redesigned the traditional push cart to make it easy for your children to build their very own push cart with their family and friends. Made from Plywood, the Box Cart is a toy that will get your children out and about and burning up lots of energy. It has a traditional style rope handle for your children to steer with, a strong steel hand brake and a padded seat for extra comfort. Take it to the park on the weekend and watch your children smile and laugh as they push each other around.

Mocka’s Box Cart is not only a fun toy that will keep your children entertained. It’s also a great learning tool that will help to build their gross motor skills. As your children play on it they will subconsciously learn about left and right as they steer the cart, pressure as they apply the brake and distance and speed as they get pushed along by their siblings and friends.

Traditional push carts have helped children to create a lot of fun playtime memories throughout many generations. Surprise your children with a traditional style toy that they can enjoy throughout their childhood and create great memories that will last a lifetime. A Mocka Box Cart is a great present to give to your children for their birthdays or Christmas. It’s guaranteed to get your children playing together and enjoying themselves in the backyard or park.

Mocka NZ Classic Box Cart


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