Top Three Tips For Choosing a Balance Bike

20th Oct 2020

Top Three Tips For Choosing a Balance Bike

There is nothing like getting your first set of wheels and our Balance Bikes are still as popular as ever among kids and adults alike for that new-wheel-feeling of freedom. However, with so many styles to choose from it can be a daunting task to know which is the right balance bike for your child. With this in mind, we have put together our top three tips on choosing a balance bike so you can ensure your child is riding in style and with ease. Check them out!

1. Sizing

The first and most essential tip is to make sure you have the right size bike. The key to riding a balance bike is to ensure your child’s feet can be placed firmly on the ground when seated. They need to be able to touch the ground to be able to use the bike correctly – trust us, wait until you see them go. They don’t call them running bikes for nothing! While each of our bikes has a recommended age range, size is what really matters. To figure out the correct size, simply measure the child’s inner leg and compare with the seat heights of each bike (sizing guide displayed on each bike product page). Most of our balance bike have either 3 or 4 seat settings that are easily adjustable as your wee one grows. So as long as your child’s measurement falls within the seat height range, they will be able to use the bike with ease.

bike image 1

2. Colour and Style

When it comes to our balance bikes, every bike is created equal – in terms of being made from the same durable materials and quality products. However, not all of our balance bikes look the same. Just to make the choosing even more fun (or difficult – depends who you talk to!), we have a range of adorable colours and styles to suit every boy or girl. Whether you love the stealthy look of the Ninja Bike or the bright, bubbly design of the Missy, you are sure to find something your little girl or boy will adore. But when choosing your favourite design and style, don’t forget the number one tip of size. It is always best to work out the correct size first and then choose the colour and design second.

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3. Accessorise

Once you have chosen the correctly sized bike and the style of choice, why not think about adding some cool and useful accessories – a helmet, bike stand, bike bag, or a bell? We have a range of funky helmets perfectly designed to protect little heads (and bigger heads too!). A bike bag and bell is sure to add hours of fun while your little one rides around. Whilst learning to ride a push-bike can be scary for young children, balance bikes allow kids to master their balance quickly and confidently and makes transitioning to a push-bike seamless.

bike bag


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