The Evolution of the Highchair

21st Oct 2020

The Evolution of the Highchair

Highchairs have been around for hundreds of years, and are seen by most parents as an essential item for the home. But parents throughout history didn't always have it so easy - in fact  the world went through a few interesting highchair variations over the years!

We've collated our favourite highchairs through the ages to show you how they have evolved.

The Evolution of the Highchair

1600's - Babies were seated in large wooden devices that resembled a long-drop toilet. Clearly this model was too comfy  (as the baby is asleep), but we love the storage space underneath!

1700's - Wooden highchairs were simple designs, albeit very uncomfortable ones. 

1820's - Highchairs with adjustable heights were introduced. This contraption was popular in the Victorian Era!

1850's - The first pram / highchair combo was introduced. We thought is was perfect for food on the go, but this one didn't last too long unfortunately!

1890's - Style starts to play a bigger role, highchairs become more curved in their design for aesthetic purposes.

1920's - Metal makes an appearance, complete with a footrest that resembles a cheese grater

1960's - The first mass-produced highchair appears on the market, possibly as a by-product from the Space Program

2000's - Plastic fantastic! Plastic high chairs break through into the mainstream, as parents discover lots of new ways to get food stuck in a highchair

NOW  - Simple and functional is back in favour, as demonstrated by the Mocka Original Highchair.

Do you remember any hilarious high chair designs from back in the day?

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