Styling Smaller Spaces

20th Oct 2020

Styling Smaller Spaces

Whether it is an apartment or a small room, there is no denying that in close quarters, free space can be a luxury. But this is something that can be remedied with smart design. To take the challenge out of small-space living, we have put together some tips on styling a small space to achieve practical rooms that feel bigger and brighter.


When it comes to small spaces restraint is important. Lots of different materials, colours and furniture pieces will quickly clutter a small room. Instead, select a few key elements to achieve a neutral palate. If you want something bright and open, white is the ultimate choice. Paired with a blonde wood or grey material and any room will be light and airy. If you feel like this is going to cramp your style, don’t forget a neutral palate will make signature, colour pieces really pop!


Small spaces often get a bad wrap, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Freeing up some floor-space is easy if use the vertical space on a wall. Wall-mounted boxes and floating shelves are great alternatives to bookcases and storage-units that just take up room. By floating them on your wall, you not only achieve the storage you need, you also create an interesting design element.


vibe books


When it comes to apartments and other small homes, you can get really creative and make use of every square inch. Under-bed storage boxes are fantastic to capitalise on the wasted space under your bed. Similarly, to fill wasted nooks and crannies, corner shelves are a good investment. If you have space under your stairs, turn it into a study nook. Simply add a slimline desk that fits the space and a stool that can be easily tucked away, and you have practical, space-saving spot to tackle your to-do list.

zest underbed storage

corner shelves

marlow desk


Portable furniture is a real game changer for small-space dwellers. Purchase a coffee table, storage crate or side table with wheels (or something which is just plain easy to move) and you have a space that easily conforms to whatever purpose you require. Extra legroom? You got it. Simply, roll your coffee table out of the way. Need to set your drinks down? Too easy. Just nudge it on back. It’s a win-win.

bronx coffee table


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