Styling Side Tables with Katy Thomas

20th Oct 2020

Styling Side Tables with Katy Thomas

Side tables are fundamental pieces of furniture in any home and can be used in any room in the house from the bedroom to the bathroom, lounge room, office and living room.

There are many different varieties of side tables on the market that provide you with a range of options from display shelves to storage.

Katy Thomas, from The Eye Spy Milk Bar is Mocka’s Stylist of the Month and shows you how easy it is to style the Jimmy Stand and Post Box Three in your home.

The Jimmy Stand is an open side table that looks great styled in a living room or bedroom to display your favourite artwork and décor. Working with bright and bold colours, Katy uses the space on the Jimmy Stand to create small vignettes.

Katy recommends balancing out the Jimmy Stand by styling larger items on the top shelf and smaller items on the bottom.

If you are after a side table that provides more storage to stash away household items then you can’t go past Mocka’s contemporary Post Box 3.

This side table works well styled into kid’s bedrooms and lounge rooms. You can even use it as a side table in the bathroom as it’s made from ABS Hard Plastic and won’t warp when it gets wet.

When styling the Post Box into a kid’s bedroom Katy suggests using a bright lamp to add a pop of colour to the space. Having the option to store or display items in the Post Box is great for showcasing your child’s favourite toys and hiding away everyday items.

Katy shows you how to liven up your bedroom or lounge room by using the Post Box as a plant stand. This creative idea is great for adding colour and life to the space without compromising on much needed storage space.

Using a range of colourful decor and a bit of creativity you too can style your home using Mocka’s Jimmy Stand and Post Box.

For more great styling advice visit The Eye Spy Milk Bar.

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