Study and Store with Mocka’s Jordi Desk and Drawers

19th Oct 2020

Mocka love to make your life easy by designing quality products that are stylish, affordable and that seamlessly match the existing décor in your home. Mocka’s Jordi Desk and Drawers are no exception. The Jordi Desk and Drawers are designed to inspire creativity, encourage productivity and provide a streamline workspace with plenty of storage space for you or your children.

When shopping for a desk you will want to find one that can easily adapt to different décor changes, is stylish yet sophisticated and can cater for any age group. Mocka’s Jordi Desk is the perfect desk for anyone of any age or gender. Its clean, compact and contemporary style allows you to seamlessly slot it into any room without overpowering the surrounding spaces. Its easy slide out drawer allows stationary to be stowed away neatly ensuring you or your children have a clean and clutter free desk top that encourages productive work flow. With two colours to choose from you can match and style it to suit your décor or personal taste.

If you need additional storage or desktop space, the Jordi Drawers are the perfect match. The Jordi Drawers are a compact set of drawers that seamlessly sit alongside the Jordi Desk. They are a stylish way to help declutter your desk to keep everything organised and tidy. The Jordi Drawers top provides additional surface area that is perfect for your printer, lamp, coffee or additional stationary.

The Jordi Drawers don’t just have to be used with your desk. The Jordi Drawers can be used anywhere around the home where you need additional storage. Store anything from clothing, arts and crafts, stationary, books and more, the options are endless. The three slide out drawers will help to keep everything organised and tidy ensuring you can easily find things when you need to. With two contemporary colour options you won’t have trouble creating a streamline and classic storage place in any room in your home.

Now you can style, study and play at Mocka’s Jordi Desk and organise your space with Mocka’s Jordi Drawers. These two stylish pieces will not only encourage learning and improve productivity, they will also keep your room stylishly organised.

Study and store with Mocka Jordi Desk and Drawers


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