Store it and Stack it with Mocka’s Stacka Boxes

19th Oct 2020

Do you have odd bits and pieces lying around your home with no particular place to store them? Are your kids finding it hard to keep their bedrooms neat and tidy? Are you having trouble storing files, book or magazines that you need or want to keep? Regardless of the things that you need to store, Mocka’s new Stacka Boxes are a perfect solution for your storage requirements.

Mocka’s Stacka Boxes are a seamless storage solution for your home. Their unique design enables them to be assembled without screws or fasteners. The Mocka Stacka Box is designed so that each side panel can be interlocked to one another. This ensures the Stacka Box has a stylish look and its unique design can be stacked on top of one another easily.

The Stacka Box is the most versatile and stylish storage solution for your home. Unlike unsightly plastic storage boxes, Mocka’s Stacka Box has a sleek and contemporary design that enables it to be placed anywhere around the home. Place it in the lounge room to store throws, cushions and magazines. Use it in the office for files or stack some in the kid’s rooms for all of their toys. The storage possibilities are endless with the Stacka Box.

The best feature about the Mocka Stacka Box is that if you run out of space in one simply stack another one on top. When you aren’t using your Stacka Box you can simply disassemble it back to a flat pack and store it away for the next time you need it.  Made from durable MDF with a handle on two sides, the Stacka Box can be easily moved around the home.

With a simple assembly and sleek design your home will look stylishly organised with Mocka’s Stacka Box.

Mocka Stacka Box


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