Side Table Style Tips

13th Apr 2016

Side Table Style Tips

Any house, apartment, cabin in the woods, Tuscan villa, a bungalow on a pristine, tropical beach. Regardless of where you are (or where you’d rather be), any sort of home is full of a variety of surfaces in need of styling. We’re here to talk about side tables. Normally a dumping ground for unsightly household paraphernalia, the side table is often the most overlooked and misused piece of furniture in a home. Whether it is in your bedroom, home office or living room, here are four simple and inspiring tips to style this essential piece of furniture.

Let there be light

Warm, honeyed light. Subtle scents wafting on the air. Glinting trinkets and bowls. If this sounds like heaven, then the easiest thing you can do is add light to a side table. Whether it is a shapely statement lamp, clusters of scented candles or a mixture of both, lighting creates ambience and is a simple way to instil some design flair.

All the shapes and sizes

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Use objects in varying heights, shapes and sizes to create balance and interest. Groupings of three work best and stacked books or magazines are a great option for adding height. Layering is also an important element which can be created by overlapping items. Place a candle on top of a stack of books, a small item in front of a larger one or a vase partly covering a print. This will provide character and contrast to the design of your side table.

Green is good

And we don’t just mean the colour. Fresh flowers and houseplants are fantastic accents to add to a side table. They add colour, texture and scent to create a lovely organic element. Flowers are often seasonal as well, which allows for variety. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for an interesting succulent instead. All of these elements will refresh even the most tired side table.

Make it personal

Don’t forget to add objects that mean something to you. Whether it is your favourite book, an inspiring quote, a travel memento or a family photo, including this item to your design will ensure your personality gets to shine through.

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