Set Up an Entire Kids Bedroom for Under $750

21st Oct 2020

Set Up an Entire Kids Bedroom for Under $750

While we always want to provide the best for children, raising and supporting kids can be a costly affair at times. This is one of the reason we are so passionate about offering quality kids furniture which are also affordable.

Not yet convinced? Well we thought we would show you just how easy it is to set up an entire kids bedroom for under $750. Yip, that’s right. An ENTIRE kids bedroom setup. that won’t cost you anymore than some beds alone are worth. In fact, just to sweeten the deal, we have tallied together TWO kids bedroom set ups to choose from (truth be told, we had so much fun the first time, we couldn’t resist doing it a second time!).

Bedroom 1: Study Bunny Bedroom

All the basics are covered with this kids bedroom set up. Not only have we provided the essential of a bedroom ( a.k.a a comfy and stylish place to sleep) with our Sonata Single Bed and Vale Single Mattress but we have also included superb storage options and a study nook! Our popular Jolt Three Drawer is always a good idea in a kids bedroom. With spacious drawers set on easy-slide rails and option to secure to the wall, this dresser is great for storing clothes and items away safe and sound. Our lovely study nook comprises the Jordi Desk and Hudson Stool. The Hudson Stool means you can save on space by tucking it away underneath the desk when not in use. Finish the room off with a layer of comfort on the floor by adding a Circa Rug. This kids bedroom set up comes to only $744.70!! Now that is something to love.

Mocka Products used:

Sonata Single Bed - $179.95 Vale Single Mattress - $159.95* Jolt Three Drawer - $199.95 Jordi Desk - $129.95 Hudson Stool - $34.95 Circa Rug - $39.95 

Study Bunny Bedroom - Mocka NZ

ALL FOR ONLY:  $744.70

Bedroom 2: Playful Paradise

With this kids bedroom setup we cover all the bases when it comes to effective toy storage, as well as including a few of Mocka’s bestsellers. We just couldn’t not include the Sonata Single Bed and Vale Single Mattress again because these beds are everyone’s current favourites. When it comes to keeping toys tidy and out of sight, our Toy Box is a must. We have also included the Denim Basket as these are so versatile and are ideal for storing plush toys, dolls and figurines. This bedroom setup wouldn’t be called the playful paradise with the Piccolo Teepee. A must-have for every kids bedroom, create a cosy nook by including the Sleepy Animal Cushions into the space. Our Six Cube Storage Unit will be the perfect finishing touch to keep books, toys and décor lined up ready for use. This kids bedroom set up comes to the grand total of $749.65!!

Mocka Products used:

Sonata Bed - $179.95 Vale Single Mattress - $159.95* Toy Box - $69.95 Denim Basket - $39.95 Piccolo Teepee - $89.95 Sleepy Animal Cushions - $59.95 Six Cube Storage Unit - $149.95

Playful Paradise Bedroom - Mocka NZ

ALL FOR ONLY:  $749.65

We could continue to create gorgeous kids bedrooms, but we think we have made out point. With amazing prices and fast shipping throughout New Zealand, we are sure you’ll be able to create your own incredible Mocka setups. And don’t forget we run sales every week, so if you play your cards right, there is every chance you’ll beat us at our own game and come in further under budget than we did! Did we hear you say challenge accepted?

*This is the price after we minus the $20.00 we saved by buying the Vale Single Mattress with the Sonata Single Bed. Prices correct as of 1 August 2017. 



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