Scoot Around in Style

19th Oct 2020

Summer is getting close which means school holidays are approaching. Now is the time to start thinking about fun activities that get your kids outside.

A great way to get your kids out and about this summer is with Mocka’s Zed and Zed Pro Scooters. Available in three colours Mocka’s Scooters are hard wearing and built to last. Mocka’s Zed Scooters will have your littlies off and racing to school, around the park or just around the home. They are a fun way to help your children to develop their coordination, motor skills and burn up their boundless amounts of energy.

Mocka’s Zed Scooters are made from high quality aluminium which is durable and light, perfect for carting around. The collapsible frame allows them to be transported easily and the adjustable handle bar allows them to grow with your children.  Mocka’s Zed Pro Scooters are suitable for your older children and will help to burn off some energy as they grow.  This is a high spec performance scooter designed for the children that are serious about scooting. Its durable design is perfect for those who love to do tricks and manoeuvres at the skate-park or ride to school in style. Designed with a wing bar handle and high rebound polyurethane wheels with aluminium core, this scooter is made for high performance use.

When your littlies are racing around the park, don’t forget about protecting their precious heads. Mocka’s Nutty Helmets are the most stylish helmets for kids. They come in an array of fun colours and prints and are designed for comfort and safety. Your children will no longer scrunch their faces up when you tell them to put their helmets on. They will be eager to rock their Nutty Helmets in style while racing around the park with their siblings or friends. The Nutty Helmets have an anti-pinch magnetic buckle which opens and shuts with one click. All Nutty Helmets comply with the Australian and New Zealand safety standards which ensure your littlies heads are protected to the highest standards.

If you are looking for a cool present that your children will love and will get used all year round, then Mocka’s Scooters and Nutty Helmets make the perfect gift.  They are a great way to get your little ones out and about during the long summer days.

Scoot around in style with Mocka scooters


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