Rainy Day Play with Mocka

19th Oct 2020

It's that time of year when the weather gets in the way of active outside play. "Rain rain go away come again another day" or "I’m bored" is probably what you hear from your children on rainy days. Kids can have lots of fun and learn new skills spending rainy days inside. Mocka make a great range of products that can be used inside to stimulate their imagination and help keep the boredom at bay. Here are some fun activities you can encourage your children to do on their next rainy day at home.

Arts and crafts Encourage your child to have some fun and learn new skills by playing with arts and crafts. Set your child up with their own Mocka Activity Table to help stimulate their imagination and let their creative juices flow. You don’t need to worry about mess with Mocka’s Activity Table as it can keep all of your child’s activities in the one place in its many storage compartments. Your child can use it as a table for painting, drawing, playing with play dough (great playdough recipe here) or plasticine and it can also be used to hold and store your child’s train set, Polly Pockets or Barbie Dolls.

If your child wants to get creative on a larger scale then setting up Mocka’s Art House out under the patio will keep them occupied for hours. Set your child up with paint pots, glue, glitter, stickers and let their imaginations run wild! They will love decorating their very own Art House and will love playing in it afterwards even more. If you are waiting for your Mocka Art House to arrive and need a rainy day activity in a hurry, let your kids decorate a cardboard box and make a unique house for some of their toys.

Easels are a fantastic toy that will spark your child’s creative side and help them to develop their drawing talent. Mocka’s Easel is perfect for your child’s needs, with a white board on one side and a chalk board on the other, your child can draw pretty pictures or learn their spelling or numeracy.

Imaginary play Does your child love to imagine? Then there is no better toy to spark their imagination then Mocka’s Playhouses or Teepees. Imaginary play is a great way to pass the time whether it’s playing cowboys and Indians, enchanted castles, or prince and princesses your child’s imagination will go wild with their Teepee or Playhouse.

Dress ups Dress ups are a part of childhood fun and make a perfect rainy day activity. Mocka’s Tree Hanger is perfect for hanging your child’s dress up’s on so they are neat and tidy but still in reach for your child to use. Your child will love the fun design of their tree hanger and when your child is finished playing with their dress up clothes simply hook them on the Tree Hanger for another day of fun! Checkout this Pinterest board for at home dressup ideas.

There are endless amounts of fun you can have on rainy days but your child will never be bored again with Mocka’s fun toys and furniture.

Mocka Rainy day play


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