Playing Outside with Mocka

19th Oct 2020

At Mocka it’s all ‘child’s play’ when it comes to designing and developing the best inside and outside toys for your children. Mocka love helping you to encourage your children to play and there is no better time to play outside than spring time.

Mocka design a great range of outside toys for kids and OHbaby! Magazine agree, featuring two of Mocka’s products in their 2013 spring edition, issue 23 on page 79. Their “Play with Me: our picks for the best gifts this year for all your little players” feature Mocka’s Urban Balance Bike and Mocka’s Little Nutty Helmet in Watermelon.

Mocka’s Balance Bikes are the best form of encouragement you can provide for your children to help build their confidence and skills in preparation for riding their very first push bike. Mocka designed their balance bikes specifically for younger children. From the age of two parents can help their child to get out and about using a Mocka Balance Bike.

The Urban Balance Bike is a perfect unisex Balance Bike that can be passed down to younger siblings. Made from Birchwood with a padded seat, Mocka’s Urban Balance Bike features unsurpassed durability and comfort. Mocka’s Urban Balance Bike also won MY Child Magazines 2013 Excellence Award under their Favourite Children’s Toy category.

Safety and protection is paramount when children are riding any sort of bike, skateboard or scooter. Mocka’s Little Nutty Helmets are suitable for approximately 3-5 year olds and meet all the New  Zealand and Australian safety standards. Unlike other child helmets, Mocka’s Little Nutty Helmets provide your child with full side and back head protection so you can rest assure knowing you are buying a high quality helmet that provides the ultimate protection for your child's head.

You will never have a hard time trying to get your children to wear their Little Nutty Helmet as they come in a range of funky designs and offer superior comfort. Mocka’s Little Nutty Helmets feature a magnetic buckle/chin strap which opens and shuts with one click, helping you to avoid the awkward skin pinching moments that children hate.Team a Mocka Urban Balance Bike with a funky Little Nutty Helmet and your child will be off and racing in no time.

Mocka in OHbaby Spring Issue


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