Party Planning with Mocka!

19th Oct 2020

Mocka products make for a fabulous party

Who doesn’t love a good party? However planning a child’s birthday party can be a lot of work with a lot to think about. From deciding on a theme to designing the invitations, the cake, the party games and the lolly bags, it can get a little daunting and overwhelming. Mocka have provided you with some ideas to use your Mocka furniture to help you prepare for your child’s party.

When preparing for a party you need to set the scene. You don’t have to go to the extra expense of hiring extra tables and chairs. Make it easy for guests to move throughout your house by rearranging your furniture to work for you, not against you. Mocka’s furniture can also double as a party planner and can help you to stylishly organise and showcase your party products to save you time, money and stress.

If you have a Ladder Shelf then don’t let it sit in the corner while the party is going on. Mocka’s Ladder Shelf is your perfect party organiser. Use each shelf to hold party bags, bowls of lollies, party games, prizes, food or the birthday cake. You can also use Mocka’s Luna Cubes to work in the same way.

Mocka’s Kids Wooden Table and Chairs sets make great places for serving the party food. Set up the table with plates, bowls, cups and party hats for each child. They will love sitting at their own table decorated just for them. Make it special by creating a fun centre piece with balloons and filling the table with lots of goodies like colourful popcorn, cupcakes, lollies and yummy food! Hang Mocka’s Buntings, party chains or tassels to create a fun overhead!

If you are looking for party games to keep the kids entertained you can’t go past, piñatas, pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey. A great idea for a party game that will keep them occupied for a long time is a Mocka Art House decorating game. Mocka’s Art Houses make a great birthday party game! Not only is it fun for kids, it gets their creativity flowing. Set up a few Art Houses in the back yard with a range of paint pots and encourage them to be creative. The children will love having their own cubby to decorate and you can send them home with one at the end of the party. Checkout  our Mocka Art House Birthday Party blog post on

When planning a child’s birthday party you can do a lot with a little to make the party look a million dollars without spending a million dollars. For a complete party planning checklist to help you keep on top of it all visit Better Homes and Gardens.

Create a fabulous party with Mocka


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