Out with the Old and In with the New, with Mocka

20th Oct 2020

It’s a new year and a new you. Every year seems to fly by and as the children grow up and their tastes change, 2014 might be the year to redecorate their rooms. Redecorating your child’s room can be a fun task to complete together. Mocka design a great range of furniture for children that come in a variety of colours and sizes to make decorating an easier task for you.

When choosing a bed for your child’s room you want to make sure it’s one that can adapt to your child’s taste as they grow older. Mocka’s single Brooklyn Bed makes a perfect fundamental piece for your child’s room. The sleek and contemporary design of the Brooklyn Bed makes it easy to coordinate with any existing décor or work in with your chosen colour pallet. Whether it’s your child’s first bed or for your teenagers retreat, the Brooklyn Bed will suit any room!

If you’re after a set of drawers for your child to sit their bedside lamp on then you have come to the right place. Mocka’s new Brooklyn Side Drawers are fantastic for a neutral colour pallet. If you’re after a splash of colour in your child’s room then Mocka’s three drawer Post Boxes make wonderful fun bedside tables. Mocka’s Post Boxes are perfect for children who want to store or display their collection of ornaments or figurines.

A child’s room would not be complete without some colourful storage space.  Mocka’s Six Cube Storage Unit is perfect to store your children’s books, toys and games neatly. With a large range of door colours and Fabric Boxes to choose from, you can mix and match until your heart’s content. Pop on over to Mocka’s storage section to see a few colour combinations that Mocka has prepared.

Mocka’s large range of children’s furniture will help you make easy decisions when it comes time to decorating and with their fast delivery, you will have your new year’s resolution complete before January is even over! Out with the old in with the new with Mocka


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