Our Top Three January Must-Haves

20th Oct 2020

Our Top Three January Must-Haves

January is always a tricky time of year. The kids are on holiday, the back to work blues are setting in and keeping the house presentable is an uphill battle. As you are reading this, your dog probably just swallowed another piece of Lego.

Yip, it goes without saying that January brings a few classic trials – but there are three must-have items that we think may make it a little easier.

Jimmy Organiser Mocka

To Prepare for the Back to School Rush

This must-have goes out to all the victims of January ‘back to school panic syndrome’. Oh, how quickly the big stationary shopping trip comes around. While we can’t help you with the annual issue of finding that your household owns twelve glue sticks and counting (why do we keep buying new glue sticks every year?) – there is one thing we can assist with: getting you ready to streamline your morning routine. The Jimmy Organiser is the ultimate weapon for this - designed for hanging backpacks, keeping shoes out of the way and sitting the kids down to tie their laces. All parents should have this at the top of their shopping list!

Denim Basket Mocka

To Tidy Up

It is always great having the kids around over Summer holidays. However, having them around the house all the time is often coupled a phenomenon, best described as ‘the toynado’. Raise of hands for people who have had a near death “toy-car-versus-wooden-floor-versus-foot” experience in the last month. To tackle this, we suggest the Denim Basket. It’s on trend, it’s durable, and it’s light enough for the kids to drag around the house and use to tidy up their toys, all by themselves. Now there’s a nice thought.

Mocka Jesse Living Table

To Beat the Blues

The return to work is always a bit of a struggle after a long break. That said, being back in the office, doesn’t mean that you have to abandon those holiday projects! Beat the blues and keep channelling your creative Summer energy with a new piece of furniture. Our Jesse Living Table is a great place to start – providing a platform for décor and styling without overwhelming your floor space. Let your imagination run wild after 5pm and think framed prints, vases and candles. Once you get started, you’ll forget your break had ever ended.


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