Mocka’s Tips to Encourage your Child to Wear their Helmet

19th Oct 2020

Helmets are the most important safety element when riding a bike, balance bike, scooter, skateboard, rollerblades or using any form of wheeled toys. Mocka sell a fun range of Little Nutty Helmets which are designed especially for comfort and safety. They feature an anti-pinch magnetic buckle/chinstrap and comply with Australian and New Zealand safety standards!

Mocka always encourage children to play safe and have provided you with 5 tips to help encourage your child to wear their helmet.

Tip 1 - Let your child choose their own helmet It’s important when encouraging your child to wear a helmet to make sure that they like the helmet that they are wearing. Instead of surprising your child with one ask your child to choose one that excites them. Always keep comfort in mind and help your child to choose one that is comfortable to wear. Children hate it when the buckle pinches them so ensure you buy one that has an anti-pinch buckle and one that has plenty of padding on the inside.

Tip 2 - Start at an early age The earlier you start, the more your child will get use to wearing a helmet. Be consistent and ensure that every time they hop into their bike or scooter that they are wearing a helmet. They will then get use to the routine of putting it on before they ride around on their toys.

Tip 3 - Wear one with your child Your child will learn lessons from you as you are their number one role model.  Show them that you always wear a helmet when you ride your bike and that it’s important for you to look after your head.

Tip 4 – Show your child that famous sports stars wear helmets When watching sports point out to your child the many athletes that wear helmets to protect their head. It doesn’t just have to be riding sports but it can be any form of sport where they need to look after the most important part of their body. Show them that famous athletes take pride in wearing their helmets and that they should do the same.

Tip 5 - Teach your child about the laws It’s important for you to sit down with your child and tell them that the law says that they must wear a helmet at all times when riding a wheeled toy. Teach them that this is only in place because the law makers care about the community and don’t want people to get harmed through accidents.

Mocka’s tips are simple but effective if used consistently. Teach your child and encourage them to wear a helmet to ensure that they stay safe when playing on their wheeled toys!

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