Mocka’s Tidy House Storage Solutions

19th Oct 2020

Mocka’s Tidy House Storage Solutions

Have you got a busy home with children coming and going? Running a family while keeping your home neat and tidy can be hard work. Having a lot of storage space in your home can help you to keep your home tidy by providing you with specific places to store certain pieces.

Mocka sell a range of storage furniture for the bedroom, bathroom, living, dining or lounge room. Adding storage products to your home can decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning up, allowing you to spend more time relaxing or playing with the kids.

Mocka’s Bed Box is the perfect storage solution for your children’s bedrooms. Mocka’s Bed Box is designed to fit under most single beds and is great for storing Lego, toys, seasonal clothes, blankets and more. Mocka’s Bed Box allows you to make use of the wasted space under your child’s bed. Its caster wheels allow you to quickly and easily pull out the Bed Box for convenience.

If you are sick of tripping over school bags and shoes in the entryway then Mocka’s Jimmy Stand makes a perfect storage solution. Its two tier rack provides the perfect area to store bags on the top rack and shoes down the bottom. By placing it at the entryway you can get your kids to put their school bag and shoes on the Jimmy Stand before entering. This will help to keep dirt and grass out of the house. The Jimmy Stand also makes a perfect shoe rack in the closet or stand in the bathroom for storing towels and bathroom essentials.

If you have crafty kids then Mocka’s Activity Table will keep all of their activities in the one place. You will love having one place to keep all of your child’s paper clippings, paint, pencils, scissors, glue and more. Its large pull out storage compartment will hold almost anything and its lift up lid is great for storing colouring in books, sketch pads and paper. Your child will love having their own area to be creative and you will love being able to keep their activity area neat and tidy.

Having the right storage solutions in the right places in your home can help to keep the mess at bay and makes it easy for you and your children to tidy up at the end of the day.

Mocka Tidy House Storage Solutions


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