Mocka’s Reading Nook Styling Tips

16th Oct 2020

Mocka’s Reading Nook Styling Tips

Reading is not only a fundamental skill that children need to learn in order to further their education, but it help to further develop their brain, psychological and social skills.

Encouraging your child to develop a love for reading can be difficult however; there are many ways that you can encourage them to enjoy reading by creating a fun reading environment.

Mocka share their 4 tips to create a fun reading nook for your child.

Tip 1: Invest in a good book shelf

Finding the perfect bookshelf to fit into your child’s reading nook can help to encourage your child to develop a love for reading and collecting books. Find a bookshelf that is low to the ground or in arms reach of your child. This will give them the freedom to pick up a book whenever they feel like reading.

Tip 2: A comfortable place to sit

Creating a comfortable place for your child to sit and read will give them a reason to relax and immerse themselves in the book. Opt for fun and comfortable children’s furniture like bean bags and arm chairs.

Tip 3: The perfect lighting

Adding the right amount of lighting to your child’s reading nook is mandatory to create a relaxing environment. Not only are they great for adding extra light during the day but they will encourage your child to relax and read a book before they go to bed at night. Quirky lights like Mocka’s Tail Light will also spur your child’s wild imagination.

Tip 4: Things to inspire their imaginations

What better way to help your child to develop a love for reading than with some fun toys and furniture that will spur their imagination.

Give your child their own hiding spot with a Teepee, Minka House or Playhouse and fill it with comfortable cushions. This will allow them to escape the day and enter into their own imaginary world through reading.

Puppets and books are like peas and carrots. Not only can your child use them to tell their own stories but they can also use them to act out a story book. Make sure you have lots of puppets around your child’s reading nook to really spur their imagination.

Use Mocka’s tips to easily create a fun reading nook that will encourage your child to develop a love for reading.

Image by The Design Chaser.


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