Mocka’s Pick of Pink Products

19th Oct 2020

Pink is one of the most recognised and most prevalent colour in the world. It’s a youthful colour that depicts a fun childish innocence, which is similarly interpreted through countries and languages worldwide. Extremely popular among young girls, pink is usually the colour they pick in clothing, toys, stationary and furniture. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most of Mocka’s pink products are their most desired products among their little customers.

Featured in Homestyle New Zealand Magazine Issue 56 October/November on pages 8, 40 and 44 is Mocka’s Pink Kids Tree Hanger, Pink Post Box 3 and Pink Stripe Teepee. These three pink products can turn any little girl’s room into a princess’s palace without breaking the budget.  Mocka’s Kids Tree Hanger is a great piece that will add a splash of colour to your little ones room while helping to keep it neat and tidy. Match this with Mocka’s Pink Post Box 3 and your children will begin to enjoy keeping their room clean and tidy. Mocka’s Pink Post Box 3 is a fun piece of furniture that can be used for play and storage, or it makes a fun bedside table for your kids. Your kids will love storing their bits and bobs in the post boxes and pretending to send letters and parcels to their friends.

Another popular pink product from Mocka is their Pink Stripe Teepee. It’s one of their most requested Teepee’s. Designed to evoke children’s imagination and sense of adventure, Mocka’s Pink Stripe Teepee is a durable toy that can be played with both inside and out. The colours of Mocka’s Pink Stripe Teepee are adored by many and are very fitting for little girls rooms.

All of Mocka’s children’s products are designed to inspire their imagination which is an essential element in their growth.  It helps to develop their skills in creativity, social interaction and problem solving. Whether you’re after some bright pink pieces for your little ones room or looking for a range of colourful pieces to mix it up, Mocka is sure to please with their vast range of fun kid’s products.

Mocka Pink Products


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