Mocka’s Colourful Indian Feather Headpiece

19th Oct 2020

Mocka colourful Indian feather headpiece

Do your kids love to play all day in their Mocka Teepee? Make it extra fun with this easy colourful Indian feather headpiece made from paper. Your kids will have loads of fun creating their own Indian feather headpieces and then wearing them while playing in their Mocka Teepee.

What you need: A5 coloured cardboard (for the feathers) Scissors (child friendly for your kids) Glue A4 coloured paper (for the headband) Sticky Tape

Steps: Step 1: Measure and cut 2 x 50mm wide strips of paper in a colour of your choice.

Step 2: Sticky tape two of the ends together on the front and back. This will be the band for your headpiece. Ensure it fits your head and lay it flat on a surface.

Step 3: Take a piece of your coloured cardboard and fold it in half. On one side draw an even curved line from the top corner fold to the bottom corner fold. Then cut along the line you have drawn.

Step 4: Unfold the cardboard piece you have cut out but don’t flatten it completely. Roughly measure a ¼ from the bottom of the cardboard piece and then begin cutting thin triangles from the edge in towards the folded centre on a slight downward angle. Only cut approximately ¾ of the way into the centre as this will keep your feathers strong enough to stand up and keep their shape. Repeat this processes until you have 7 feathers.

Step 5: Take all of your feathers and layer them on the centre piece of your paper headband ensuring that they are covering the sticky tape.

Step 6: Place glue on the back of the bottom ¼ of your first feather. Press it down on the headband. Then take the feather on the opposite side of the headpiece that you have arranged and place glue on the back and press it down on the headband. Repeat this process layering each feather until you have glued the last centre feather on top.

Step 7: Place a heavy weight on the ¼ bottom of the feathers which are glued to the headband and wait for the glue to dry.

Step 8: Once the glue has dried pick the headpiece up and sticky tape the two headband ends together on the inside and outside ensuring it fits you or your kids head properly.

Now you have finished your easy and colourful Indian headpiece made from paper.

Mocka colourful Indian feather headpiece how to guide


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