Mocka’s Classic Toys

19th Oct 2020

Mocka’s Classic Toys

Classic children’s toys including dolls prams, hobby horses and easels have a great reputation among households as quality toys that children love. Classic children’s toys can positively impact a child’s development and create special memories that last a lifetime. Certain toys that continue to make their way through the generations are constantly being redesigned or reinvented to ensure that each generation can relish in the joy that the classic toys offer.

Mocka’s range of classic toys have been redesigned using brighter colours, stronger designs and bolder patterns to appeal to the upcoming generations.  Their toys help to spur children’s imaginations, develop their cognitive skills, stimulate their creativity and advance their problem solving skills.

A classic dolls pram is a toy that has been played with since the 1900s. The Mocka Moova is a redesign of the classic dolls pram. The Moova encourages your child to use their imagination through role playing. Your child will love playing ‘parents’ and the Moova will allow them to take on small amounts of responsibility by caring for their teddies or dolls. Toys that encourage children to role play assist in developing their confidence and cognitive understanding.

The simplicity of classic toys makes them all-time favourites among children and adults. Do you remember running around the backyard with your hobby horse? Mocka’s Hobby Horse will encourage your child to use their imagination. Your child will love this fun plush horse that makes adorable horse sounds when you squeeze its ear. The classic design of the Hobby Horse will provide your child with hours of entertainment and exercise as they trot around the house on their noble steed.

Mocka’s Block Trolley is a classic toy that will build your child’s cognitive skills and aid in the development of their fine motor skills. The simple task of stacking the blocks, taking them out or putting them in the trolley will help to strengthen the muscles in your child’s hands and will improve their hand and eye coordination. The design of the trolley also encourages the development of children who are learning to walk, providing them with a supportive toy that helps to improve their balance and coordination as they push the Block Trolley forward.

Mocka’s Easel is a classic toy that has made learning fun throughout many generations. Now redesigned with a white board on one side and a chalk board on the other, your child will have a ball drawing and spelling on it. Set it up in a common area of your home and encourage your child to practise their literacy and numeracy with small spelling or math competitions. A Mocka Easel is a fun way to boost your child’s intellectual development.

Create unlimited possibilities of spontaneous and imaginative play for your children with Mocka’s range of classic toys. They can assist in boosting your children’s learning and development skills and are great for building your child’s confidence through play.

Endless fun with Mocka's classic toys


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