Mocka Toys that Develop Skills

19th Oct 2020

Mocka Toys that Develop Skills

Hand and eye coordination is an important developmental skill that can lead to the improvement of a child’s fine and gross motor skills, cognitive and social skills.

Even though a lot of hand and eye coordination is developed through everyday activities including eating and drinking, you can provide your child with a range of toys to further develop these skills.

Mocka sell a great range of fun products that will help to develop your child’s hand and eye coordination without them even knowing it.


Mocka’s Wooden Playgym and Play Mat is a fundamental toy for babies. The Playgym not only allows your child to spend valuable time on their tummy and back but it also helps to stimulate the development of their hand and eye coordination as they reach up to grasp the toys that dangle above them.

Once your baby can sit up and play, encourage them to play with more complex toys. The Block Trolley is fantastic for encouraging creative play through building, allowing your child to learn skills including building and balancing weighted objects while having fun.


Children love to throw balls whether it’s a tennis ball, cricket ball or a bouncy ball. Its common knowledge that throwing and catching balls is one of the best and most effective ways to develop a child’s hand and eye coordination. From a young age children are thrown balls of all sorts to catch with their hands or with a glove.

Mocka’s Bright Balls are great balls for the whole family to enjoy. Their bright design means that they are easy to see when being thrown and their fabric coating makes them soft to play with.

Other fantastic activities that help to develop your child’s hand and eye coordination include writing, drawing and painting. The concentration, focus and small detail required of these activities helps to develop a child’s fine motor skills.

Mocka’s Easel and Art House are great toys that will encourage your child to enjoy drawing and painting. The fun design of the Art House means that your child can draw and paint on all of the walls and even on the roof.


Mocka’s Box Cart is a classic toy that has been around for decades. Toys including go karts and bikes are great for developing hand and eye coordination and gross motor skills. From steering using the rope handle to pulling the break to stop; your child will learn fundamental skills such as managing speed, manoeuvrability and direction while having fun and burning up energy with their friends.Kids hand and eye coordination

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