Mocka Cloud Dough

20th Oct 2020

Without a doubt, kids love to play with textures that they can squeeze and mould into shapes. Whether its play dough, plasticine, dirt or sand children love to touch and feel different textures.

Introducing your child to different textures is a great way to help develop their sensory system.

Mocka’s Cloud Dough is a fun sensory activity that will keep your child busy playing and it is also safe for your child as it is made from all natural ingredients.

The soft and mouldable texture of cloud dough gives your child the ability to develop their sensory system and fine motor skills through touching, feeling, grabbing and moulding.

This recipe is easy to make and great for getting your child into the kitchen and learning about reading and following a recipe and measuring and mixing different ingredients to make a product.


4 Cups of plain flour

1 Cup of vegetable oil

2 Large chalk sticks


Step 1

Measure four cups of plain flour and add it to a large mixing bowl.

Step 2

If you wish to add colour to your cloud dough grate two large chalk sticks into the bowl and combine with the flour.

Step 3

Mix the flower with one cup of vegetable oil until combined. This is a great job to give to your child. They will love getting their hands dirty in the mixture.

Take your cloud dough mixture and put it into a big rectangle tub for your child to play with outside.

Give your child cookie cutters and plastic utensils to play with the cloud dough.

Mocka’s Cloud Dough is guaranteed to keep your child busy for hours. Once the mess has been made and your child no longer wants to play with it, simply empty the mixture into the bin.

Give your child a sensory activity that they will love to play with.

Recipe by Nurture Store.

Mocka Cloud 11


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