Mocka and Child Cancer Foundation

23rd Oct 2020

Mocka and Child Cancer Foundation

A Quick History

Mocka’s relationship with Child Cancer Foundation began in 2012 where we were able to donate a number of items to an Arrowtown holiday home. Here, children diagnosed with cancer and their families were able to take a holiday and relax during a difficult cancer journey.

Since then we have had a successful ongoing relationship, where Mocka has contributed to Child Cancer Foundation by donating a number of great products as they were required. 

Specifically, in 2011 after the Canterbury earthquakes, we were able to assist with furnishing the Christchurch Family Place. This included not only children’s toys and furniture but a lot of practical furniture to make it feel like a home for those families that visited.

Christchurch Family Place

In September 2020, it was time for a refresh in Christchurch Family Place where we introduced lots of exciting new Mocka toys and furniture to make sure the families who use the rooms regularly have a home away from home to enjoy! These include a Mocka Kids BBQMocka Kids Kitchen to practice their pretend cooking skills, a Rocking Llama, Dolls House and an Activity Table, and plenty of child-sized furniture for them to relax with. 


How You Can Help 

We are very grateful that we can provide ongoing support to those who need it the most. 

You can make a difference too by donating today. By making a donation you are making a positive difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families. Make a donation today here.

Thank you for helping us to support such a worthy cause!

A special thanks to Archer and his Mum for the great photos!


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