Interior Styling with Plants

20th Oct 2020

Interior Styling with Plants

They say, ‘what’s old is new again,’ and that certainly applies to indoor plants. What was once a huge 70’s trend has now come back in fashion and interior stylists are welcoming it with open arms.

Plants are an inexpensive way to decorate your home and add life to the space while filtering out the nasty pollutants in the air. From indoor trees placed in the corner of the room to a draping plant on a bookshelf, or a collection of succulents sitting on the bench. There are many ways that you can use different verities of indoor plants to enhance the space in your home.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is one of the most popular trees for interior styling at the moment. The Fiddle Leaf Fig with its wide-spreading vibrant green leaves and woody trunk provides the perfect colours to liven up a dull room.

When styling a Fiddle Leaf Fig or any small tree into your home look for large baskets that you can sit the potted tree in to cover up their base and balance out the height of the tree. The neutral tones of Mocka’s Felt Baskets work well with Fiddle Leaf Figs and they also help to prevent the pot plant from scratching wooden floors.

Plant stands are on trend in interiors and one piece of décor that should be at the top of your shopping list. Mocka’s Jimmy Stand and Jimmy Tower makes the perfect plant stand to beautifully display your plant collection. Create a feature in your home by styling a variety of potted plants together on your stand like Tarina Lyell has done from Oh Eight Oh Nine.

Get creative and discover different ways to decorate your home with beautiful plants.

Images by Oh Eight Oh Nine, Miss Kyree Loves and The Design Chaser.

Hudson Bar Stool Styled by Kyree Meagher 2 Hudson Bar Stool Styled by Kyree Meagher Jimmy Stand Styled by Tarina Lyell 2 Jimmy Stand Styled by Tarina Lyell Jimmy Tower styled by Michelle Halford - The Design Chaser Keyboard Stool Styled by Tarina Lyell


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