Industrial Interior Styling

20th Oct 2020

Industrial styling has been a loved trend amongst interior stylists and home owners over the past few years. What was once considered an interior style for the workplace that incorporated worn back timber, metal and natural raw elements, has found its way into the hearts and homes of style addicts around the world. Often called the 'warehouse look', the aim of industrial interior design is to showcase elements that most people would hideaway. Exposed piping, metal beams, brick walls and stainless steel benches can create beautiful feature pieces in your home. Try Mocka's three industrial interior styling tips to incorporate industrial elements into your home.
  1. Don’t go overboard. A little bit of industrial styling can go a long way. If you don’t want to commit to the trend 100% you can easily add industrial elements to the space to achieve the desired look.Try adding furniture and décor including metal light fittings, wire baskets, metal side tables or coffee tables with large metal caster wheels like the Bronx Coffee Table.
  2. Add metal to cool the space. The use of cool tones in industrial styling stemmed from the old industrial workspaces that featured cold sleek textures and fixtures including metal handrails, beams and poles. A great way to style this look into your home is through metal furniture. Mocka’s Industrial Stools make it easy to add a touch of metal to your kitchen, living room or bedroom. The contemporary design will also keep your space looking sleek and stylish.
  3. Keep it raw. Worn furniture can add character to an industrial styled home. Whether it’s through the rough brickwork on the walls or the vintage wooden coffee table in the lounge room, the rough time worn textures will add charm to any room. Mocka’s Vintage Stools are perfect for adding that shabby chic element to your home with their paint scrubbed look. Keep it simple with black and white or liven up the space with a touch of vibrant blue or yellow.
To accentuate the industrial feel don’t forget to bring in natural elements including a stack of logs by the fireplace or a plant in the corner of the room. It’s easy to achieve an industrial styled space in your home with the right furniture. FotorCreated

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