How To Style a House On a Budget

21st Oct 2020

How To Style a House On a Budget

Christmas is just around the corner (less than 7 weeks…eek!). Usually, this time of year not only sees more guests arriving in your home, but also money practically flying out of your account.  So to give your home a design boost (while not breaking the bank in the process) and impress your holiday houseguests all at the same time, check out our guide on how to style your home on a budget with Mocka!

1. Fake it until you make it

With our Faux Cowhide and Sheepskin Rugs. As opposed to their real-life counterparts, our faux rugs add a luxe, glamorous feel to a room for a fraction of the cost. Add to the floor in a dining room or living room or drape effortlessly over a couch or bed. Either way, these gorgeous rugs are sure to be a crowd pleaser this holiday season.

faux cowhide

faux sheepskin

2. Budget Bedroom Revamp

Makeover your guest bedroom simply and easily with a single item – the Mocka Mod Headboard available in either Queen, Single or King Single sizes. With most headboards starting at around $500, this is one on-trend and modern bedhead that isn’t going to break the bank – but will certainly transform a guest bedroom in seconds!

mod headboard

3. Bare Basics

Scoring a bargain on some essential room basics is always satisfying. Check out our Leni Mag Rack and Leni Bentwood stool for side table styling in a living room. Our Bronx Coffee Table is a bargain price for a wonderfully contemporary unit with a decidedly recycled feel (and hello castor wheels – moveable furniture always a plus when entertaining!).  Or make room at your breakfast bar or dining table for all your Christmas guests with our Mocka Industrial Stools. Urban-industrial chic at a steal – yes please!

leni mag rack


bronx coffee table

industrial stools

4. Sale, Sale, Sale!

It goes without saying, but we are going to say it anyway….always be sure to checkout out our sale and outlet pages if you are on the hunt for a bargain. There are a plethora of limited time only prices for end of line or just-for-the-hell-of-it products that will look amazing in your home (and on your bank balance!).


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