How to Nail the Retro Look with Mocka

20th Oct 2020

How to Nail the Retro Look with Mocka

People always say that the old always becomes new again – and this is certainly something that can be seen in interior design over the last couple of years. Retro design is inspiring a new kind of modern home - one that pairs contemporary elements with the nostalgia of classic, retro design. This trend often transports us back to our grandparents homes and, ultimately, our childhood, which may be why its popularity has been growing. So to honour this wistful interior trend, we have our guide to nailing the retro look with some key Mocka pieces.

Retro = Classic

The best way to infuse your home with a little retro style is to add a key, classic furniture piece such as the Eames Replica Lounge Chair and Ottoman. This iconic lounge chair epitomises the retro look with its pairing of wood frame and leather-look upholstery, spindle swivel base, along with the form fitting shape and relaxed, reclined position. This chair is a real centrepiece when styled in a lounge room, office or bedroom.

eames chair

Doors and Drawers For All

Retro cabinets, sideboards and buffets are stable units to add a little classic design flair to your home. However, the often heavy woods and colours (so many colours!) are not always everyone’s cup of tea. So to achieve the same feel but with a more modish vibe our new Kennedy Range is a real favourite. Featuring the same cabinet opportunities and shapes as their retro sisters but in a more neutral, modern colour palate. What’s not to love?

kennedy cabinet

kennedy entertainment unit

kennedy two drawer

All About the Pins

The legs of retro pieces add a lot of character to the overall aesthetic of the trend. Whether hairpin, splayed or tapered, adding tables, chairs and cabinets that have a combination of legs will add a retro vibe to your home. Our new Cibo and Cena Dining Tables, along with the Harper Chairs have the wooden splayed legs down to a fine art. For a little hairpin action? Our Vibe Range is the clear winner.

cibo table

cena table


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