How to Build a Mocka Luna Cube Storage Wall

20th Oct 2020

One of our loyal customers recently sent us a photo of this remarkable creation of a storage wall he constructed from six of our Luna Eight Cube storage units. Due to the popularity of the design we thought it would be in the best interest of our customers to provide them with the right construction and assembly instructions from the customer who designed it himself, Tim Harrod. From speaking with Tim over the past week we have realised that he is a very family orientated and active man. Tim is a father of three; Hannah aged 19, Sam aged 16 and little Poppy aged 17 months. Living in Berhampore in Wellington, Tim and his family follow a Paleo lifestyle which keeps them active and outdoors. The close proximity to hiking trails, the coast line and the city allows Tim and his family to enjoy an active, Paleo lifestyle by running barefoot for fun and fitness, and enjoying the region's bush walks, hiking tracks and views with his youngest daughter Poppy. Tim has an exceptional working knowledge of and experience in the building and construction industry. Formally, Tim was a boat builder and then spent 20 years working in the construction industry. Tim is now kept busy managing a programme at The Ministry of Education which looks after earthquake prone school buildings therefore, it was of high importance to Tim that all of Mocka’s customers understood that his design was constructed together, and secured, and not simply just stacked on top of each other. “I'm very passionate about my family, being Paleo, trail running and my work. That passion comes out when I have a chance to work with my hands and mind to create something and I get the deepest sense of satisfaction when the vision is mirrored by the reality. That is exactly how I feel about our Mocka storage wall creation” said Tim. Tim ingenuity has impressed and inspired many people including the Mocka team. If you are interested in building Tim’s storage wall from Mocka’s Luna Cubes please follow the instructions below carefully to ensure you safely construct and mount the unit to the wall to avoid it from potentially harming any person or damaging your home. Click here for the online Luna Storage Wall assembly instructions or here to download the pdf instructions. Mocka Luna Cube storage wall assembly

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