How Do Balance Bikes Work?

21st Oct 2020

How Do Balance Bikes Work?

What is a Balance Bike?

balance bike is a simple wooden or metal bike for toddlers that does not have pedals or training wheels. Sometimes called running bikes, they help children learn balance and steering.

How Do Balance Bikes Work? Balance Bikes do not have pedals. Instead, children guide the bikes along the ground with their feet (hence why they are also called running bikes). The key to riding a balance bike is to ensure your child’s feet can be placed firmly on the ground when seated. They need to be able to touch the ground to be able to use the bike correctly.

What Ages are Balance Bikes Suitable for? Mocka balance bikes are suitable for boys and girls aged 18months – 6 years and each bike has an average age recommendation (listed on the website). Of course, this should be taken as a guide as children grow and develop differently. Whilst learning to ride a push-bike can be scary for young children, balance bikes allow kids to master their balance quickly, making transitioning to a push-bike seamless.

Balance Bike - Ninja - Mocka NZ

How to Maintain your Balance Bike Ensure a balance bike is assembled and checked by an adult before little ones get going. This includes all screws, nuts, steering and axles. We also recommend all screws and nuts are checked and tightened on a regular basis. Best stored indoors, a Balance Bike should not be left outside for long periods of time. If the bike comes in contact with any water, it is important to wipe down the bike as thoroughly as possible.

How to Order a Balance Bike Online The first step ordering a Balance Bike online is to figure out the correct size bike for your child. Simply measure the child’s inner leg and compare with the seat heights of each bike (sizing guide displayed on each bike product page).  Our Balance are adjustable with either 3 or 4 seat settings to grow right your child. Once you have narrowed down which bike(s) are suitable for your child, choose which colour and design you would like and simply check out. All you have to do then is wait for the coolest balance bike to travel straight to your door! #thebeautyofonlineshopping.

Balance Bike - Ninja - Mocka NZ


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