Get Out and About these School Holidays with Mocka’s Balance Bikes

19th Oct 2020

Its school holidays and there is no better time than now to get your children outside to explore new environments, learn about nature and discover new abilities. Mocka’s Balance Bikes provide a fun, encouraging and easy way for your child to start exploring from as little as two years old.

Mocka’s balance bikes are one of their best-selling outdoor toys and on the Mocka website you are spoilt for choice with the largest range of balance bikes in New Zealand. Without a doubt you have probably seen one of Mocka’s Balance Bikes around but do you actually know the everlasting benefits a Mocka Balance Bike can provide to your child?

Balance bikes are bikes without pedals or training wheels which are known to help young children develop their gross motor skills, balance and coordination and build confidence in preparation for their first two wheeled bike.

Encouraging the development of gross motor skills is fundamental in the early stages of your child’s life. It allows your child to develop a foundation for more complex skills in the future.

Good balance is important in the ongoing development of children’s gross motor skills. Without a good development of balance, children can have future difficulties in day to day learning or recreational activities. Good gross motor skills can only be developed through activities and experience, which is why most parents choose Mocka’s Balance Bike to encourage this development while teaching them to learn how to ride a bike at the same time.

The best feature about balance bikes is that children have complete control over their speed and manoeuvrability. The bike is naturally propelled forward by the child’s running motion and can be easily stopped by simply dropping their feet to the ground. This allows children to coast and they quickly learn how to balance as they glide, developing their confidence as they learn in their own time how to ride on two wheels.

Whether it’s a Missy Balance Bike for your little princess, a Moto X Balance Bike for your young dirt bike rider or a unisex Urban Balance Bike for them to share; you won’t be disappointed when you see how much fun your little ones are having while they’re learning to ride.

Mocka NZ Balance Bikes


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