Finding the Perfect Kitchen Stool

20th Oct 2020

Finding the Perfect Kitchen Stool

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where family and friends gather around to prepare meals and enjoy good company. Today, many home owners are opting for an ‘eat-in kitchen’ design to accommodate their needs of a stylish kitchen that’s also practical.

Bar stools are the ‘piece de resistance’ of an eat-in kitchen and can either harmonise or accentuate the design aspects of the overall space.

A lot of thought goes into designing a kitchen so when it comes to choosing the stools there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

When choosing the right bar stool for your kitchen it’s important to look at how your stools will be used. Will they be used on a daily basis or are they there for when guests come to visit? Are you looking for a practical or decorative design? Will you be sitting on the stools for long or short periods of time?

Determining the use of the stools will ensure that you opt for either a durable or decorative stool.

Industrial Stools are fantastic for busy kitchens especially family homes. They’re not only practical in design being light weight, sturdy and easy to move around, but they can accentuate the style of a modern kitchen.

The sleek backless design of the Industrial Stool allows it to be neatly tucked under the bench to create a streamline look in your kitchen. The simplicity of the stool helps to avoid segmenting the space between the kitchen and the living areas in an open plan home.

Although practical, the Industrial Stool lends itself to creating a strong and bold look. If you wish to soften the space then you should opt for bar stools that introduce warmer features to the kitchen like Mocka’s Hudson Bar Stool or Tempo Stools.

These stools can add a warm wooden element to the space of the kitchen. The smooth surface and warm hue of the wood will soften the space to create a relaxed environment. These stools not only add a decorative element to the space but they are also functional in design and are easy to clean.

If you are looking for a stool that provides the added support of a backrest then you can’t go past Mocka’s Hudson Bar Stool. The low backrest will give your guests added support to their lower back without encroaching on the open space of the kitchen.

When shopping around for the perfect bar stool for your kitchen don’t forget to measure the stools height to the bench height. Choosing the right bar stool can be the difference between a comfortable and an uncomfortable dining experience in your kitchen.

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