Exploring Food with Mocka

19th Oct 2020

Exploring Food with Mocka

What child doesn’t love to play with their food? Playing with food can encourage your child to eat healthy and provide them with many developmental benefits including building their imagination, spurring creative thinking skills, increase their problem solving abilities and help to develop their fine motor skills.

There are many ways that you can let your child explore food without wasting it or forming bad habits. Encourage your child to explore food by making it fun for them and inviting them into the kitchen to help you cook, bake and create. Exploring and playing with different types of food can help your child to learn through their sensory system and can also introduce them to basic nutrition and maths.

Baking is a fun way to engage your child in exploring food as it allows you to show them how the texture of food changes when you mix powders with liquids to form a batter. Making Jelly is also a quick, fun, tasty way to teach your child how different ingredients and temperatures can change the texture of food. When baking you can introduce your child to basic maths by encouraging them to use measuring cups and spoons, showing them the quantity of each ingredient you need for the recipe.

Exploring food brings with it many educational benefits for children. Nutrition plays a very important role in food and exploring food will allow you to teach your child about the five food groups. When making a sandwich, group or separate your ingredients and show your child the nutritional difference between each food group.

Mocka’s Lunch Play Sets are great for encouraging your child to explore foodin a safe, fun and mess-free way. They will enjoy identifying the difference between grains, vegetables, dairy and meat and learning how to mix different ingredients to make different lunch combinations.

Playing with food can be a fun experience for your child where they can learn the difference between textures, food groups, nutrition, math and more. Get them excited about food while they are young with Mocka’s Lunch Play Sets.Mocka Lunch Play Sets

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