DIY Party Decorations

20th Oct 2020

DIY Party Decorations

Birthday parties are lots of fun for both the children and the parents. Below are some fun activities that you can do with your children to make their birthday party even more special.

Glitter dipped balloons

These glitter dipped balloons are easy to make and look dazzling once strung up. By simply using glue, a soft paint brush and glitter you can make different patterns on each balloon to create a fun party atmosphere. Holly and Nat from My Sisters Suitcase made some glitter dipped balloons for a Disney Sleeping Beauty themed slumber party. You can customise the colours of the balloons and the glitter to match any themed party.

Party hats

This can be an activity that you can do with your child before their birthday party or it can be an activity that your child does with their guests on the day. Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day shows how easy it is to make party hats yourself with her downloadable template. Once the hats are assembled, you can decorate them with pompoms, glitter, coloured paper, fabric, tissue paper and more.

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Children love piñatas. A piñata makes a fun party game where everyone is a winner. The possibilities are endless with piñatas. You can make one in the number of your child’s age or you can make one to suit the theme of the party. Although making a piñata can be a bit time consuming, it’s worth putting in the extra effort to see the children’s faces light up when they break the piñata open and lollies come trickling out. Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day shows you how you can make one for your child’s next birthday party.

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Party bags

Party Bags are a birthday party essential. You can easily make your own party bags from anything, including a pain paper bag, fabric, tissue paper, lace, small boxes or cellophane. Use coloured paper, ribbon, fabric, paper doilies, stickers, paint and string to decorate the outside of the bags.

Making your own party bags is a fun activity that you can do with your child before the party. You can make the party bags even more special by getting the birthday girl or boy to write, draw or paint something on the bags. Catherine from Evolving Motherhood shows you how to create bright and cheerful party bags using paint and tissue paper.

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