DIY Mocka Chalkboard Furniture

20th Oct 2020

DIY Mocka Chalkboard Furniture
Does your child love to play with chalk? Do they spend hours drawing pictures and telling stories through their chalk drawings? Without a doubt if you give a child a piece of chalk they will spend hours playing and imaging in their own world. Whether it’s hopscotch, funny faces, naughts and crosses or drawing fairies and dragons, your child is sure to have a blast with chalk. With the amount of great chalkboard paint there is on the market you can use it in more ways than just simply painting it on the walls. Mocka have a great range of products that you can personalise for your child to spark their imagination. Do you have one of Mocka’s Hudson Kids Table and Stools Set at home? Maybe it might be looking very well loved. Give it a new look by simply sanding back the table top and giving it a coat of chalkboard paint. There are many chalkboard paint colours other than black so why not pick your child’s favourite colour? You will love the new look of their table and chair set and they will love how much fun it brings to their playtime. Another fun way to use chalkboard paint on Mocka’s furniture is to paint the top of Mocka’s Wooden Toy Box. Toy Boxes don’t just have to be used to hold toys, personalise your child’s Toy Box by painting the Toy Box lid with chalkboard paint. You can match the paint colour to the colour theme of your child’s bedroom and write fun messages to your child on it. Your child will love using it to play games like naughts and crosses or hangman on it with their friends. There are many ways that you can personalise Mocka’s products using chalkboard paint. Your children will love having different places to draw and play other than on the concrete. Mocka Toy Box, Mocka Table and Stools Set, Mocka Brooklyn Drawers [product id="216"]

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