DIY animal artwork

19th Oct 2020

DIY animal artwork

If your child loves animals then they will enjoy making their very own animal artwork to display in their room. This fun craft activity is a great way to get your child involved in creating something from scratch and can be combined with educational lessons about animals. You can teach your child about animal sounds, names, species, habitats and more. When their artwork is finished and displayed in their bedroom you can test them on their animal knowledge that you taught them to see how much information they remembered.


  1. Miniature plastic animals
  2. Stanley knife or craft knife
  3. Newspaper
  4. Metallic spray paint or non-toxic metallic acrylic paint
  5. Goggles
  6. Face mask
  7. Gloves
  8. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  9. Photo frame
  10. White cardboard
  11. Pencil


  1. Place a layer of newspaper on the ground outside in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Carefully cut the animals in half and keep the upper body.
  3. Place the plastic animals on the newspaper, put protective gear on and begin painting the animals. Ensure they are all covered in paint and then leave to dry.
  4. Cut the white cardboard to the size of the frame and place it into the frame first. Then place the glass behind the cardboard to ensure it has a solid backing supporting the cardboard. Place the display card in last and then secure the frame backing into place.
  5. Mark out where you would like your animals to sit. Three rows of three animals looks great.
  6. Secure each animal in place using your hot glue gun.
  7. Let the glue dry and then prop it up against a wall on your child’s bedside table or desk.

The animal artwork looks great styled on Mocka’s Jordi Desk or Brooklyn Side Drawers. Your child will love admiring their fun artwork that they created with you. It will spur their imagination and creativity as they play in their room or study at their desk.

Mocka DIY Animal Art


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