Designing Tips for Kids Bedrooms

21st Oct 2020

Designing Tips for Kids Bedrooms

Kids bedrooms serve multiple purposes – playroom, study and sanctuary. However, the most important role of a kid’s bedroom is as a place for your child to sleep in comfort and safety at the end of the day.

So designing a kid’s bedroom should be easy, right? That’s not always the case. Decorating a child’s bedroom is a difficult task for many parents. Just as your child is ready to graduate from their nursery to a big kid’s bedroom, you find yourself stuck.

You’re unsure how to design a bedroom that reflects your child’s personality, while remaining functional not just now, but into the future as well. And don’t even get started on the budget, yet (when did kid’s furniture get so expensive?).

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. However, when you know where to start and the best things to consider, a child’s bedroom is so much fun to design. Below you’ll find tips and tricks to help you save money, space and time, while designing a bedroom that your child will love and one that will serve them into the future.

Rethink the intense theme

So your child is mad about Paw Patrol™ and wants nothing more than Chase himself plastered on the walls? Or perhaps the obsession is with a certain superhero or animal or movie franchise (we’re looking at you, Disney)? The thing is, kids interests change frequently.

Just because your child says they want a certain theme in their room today, doesn’t mean they’ll want it in two years’ time. Theme, if taken to the max, can pigeon hole your design choices and drain your bank account as your child outgrows that theme and wants a change.

Designing Tips For Kids Bedrooms - Mocka NZ

Instead, it’s best to opt for a neutral theme that will create a subtle foundation – one more adaptable to the ebbs and flows of your child’s interests. This foundation can then be added to and subtracted from to reflect your child’s personality. Accessories and accents are a great way to do this. Which brings us to our next tip…

Add personality and interests using accessories

Using accessories is one of the best ways to add personality and whimsy into a kid’s bedroom. Accessories also have the benefit of being relatively inexpensive and more adaptable then your big-ticket items like wall colours and furniture.

Use bedspreads, sheets and cushions to bring your child’s current interest into the room. Artworks, buntings and wall decals are also a great way to instil personality into a room but give you the flexibility to remove later if they no longer work.

Use them to accent colour choices which can be mirrored in bed linen and soft furnishings, helping to unify and harmonise the space.

And what would a kid’s room be without toys!

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But don’t just store all of them away in toy boxes and baskets. Choose a few choice toys and use them to decorate the room for loads of whimsy and personality. They are great for both play and décor, while allowing your child to feel included and right at home in the space.

Invest in lasting furniture

As we mentioned, big-ticket essentials pieces like kids beds, bedside tables and dressers aren’t items you want to keep replacing every other year.

When designing a kid’s bedroom, it’s easy to get taken in by whimsical kids’ items. However, their cute-factor greatly exceeds their longevity or practicality, and once your child ages, you’re sure to find yourself reaching into your wallet once again for something less juvenile and more practical.

So, save yourself the time and money. When buying these items for your kid’s bedroom, ensure they will last into the future – even to adolescence.

Search for furniture you could see in your home for years. This means opting for classic styles with loads of versatile storage and instead of buying a child-sized dresser, choose one they’ll grow into. Bedroom furniture with modern white or woods have staying power. They’ll adapt to any style changes that happen within the room and will also suit your child at any age.

Save space with multi-purpose furniture

Space is often a big issue in kids’ bedrooms. Even if you do have it, it’s a great idea to think about and plan how to best utilise the space. Choosing furniture that provides more than one purpose is one of the best ways to ensure you get the most out of a room. This could simply mean choosing a desk with inbuilt storage and shelving or a bed with underbed storage.

Not only do you have a space for your child to do their homework or sleep, but you also have extra storage to display books or tuck away the never-ending supply of toys.

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Speaking of kids’ beds, a bunk bed is always smart and are a major space-saver in any bedroom. A bunk bed allows you to use the same space twice and is perfect for siblings sharing a room or to prepare you for the inevitable sleepovers and visitors in the future. Not to mention, nothing says a kid’s bedroom quite like a bunk bed!

With multi-purpose storage and furniture, you’ll save space for more important things – like an expansive playing area, and every kid needs that.


Designing a kid’s bedroom can be daunting with so many aspects to consider. Your child’s bedroom is their refuge - a place to play, learn and sleep. So we understand it’s important to get it right. 

Designing Tips For Kids Bedrooms - Mocka NZ

It’s a delicate balance between representing their personality now, with the inevitable changes to their interests as they grow into the future. When it comes to themes, it’s always best to go for neutral so you can adapt and change to suit your child at any age.

Use accessories and accents to instil whimsy into the room and highlight your child’s interests – while giving yourself the freedom to change without a huge financial investment.

For big ticket items like beds and dressers, forget the cutesy kids’ furniture. Save yourself the time and money and buy an item they’ll grow into – both in style and storage. And to get the most out of your space, multi-purpose storage and furniture (like bunk beds) give you more versatility, and more room for your child to play.

Following our top tips for designing a kid’s bedroom will save you money, space and time, while gifting your child a bedroom they’ll not only love but thrive in and one that will serve them into the future.

Do you have any tips for designing a kid’s bedrooms? We always love to hear from you, so be sure to let us know over on our Facebook page or Instagram account.


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