Decorating your Mocka Teepee

19th Oct 2020

Decorating your Mocka Teepee

There is no doubt that Mocka’s Teepees are a popular and fun playtime toy for children. They are a wonderful toy that can boost your child’s imagination by easily adapting it to suit any theme or scenario.  With a large array of styles to choose from there is bound to be one that your child would fall in love with. A great way to add additional fun to your child’s teepee playtime is by decorating it with bright and fun accessories.

Mocka’s Buntings are a great way to add additional colour and fun to your child’s teepee. You can wrap them around the top of the teepee and let them dangle or you and string them up for a classic look. Simply tie one end of the buntings around the top of a teepee pole and tie the other end to a tree branch. Your child will love the patterns and colours of the buntings flapping in the breeze as they play underneath them.

Cushions are a great way to make your child’s teepee extra comfortable while they play in it. Mocka’s Teepee Cushions are specially designed to fit inside a Mocka Teepee but are large enough to add superior comfort for your child to enjoy. You can mix or match the Teepee Cushions to your child’s teepee. Your child will love laying on their Teepee Cushions while reading a book or taking a nap.

Mocka’s Hobby Horses are a great way to add a decorative element to your child’s teepee and also makes a fun prop for imaginative play. Your child will love riding around their teepee on their own hobby horse that makes horse sounds when they press its ear. Your child will love having a horse to call their own.

Decorating your child’s teepee will keep their imagination stimulated and will add colour, comfort and fun to their playtime. Your child will love playing in their teepee with fun decorative pieces added to it and comfortable cushions for them to rest on. These fun but simple additions to your child’s Mocka Teepee will have them wanting to play in it all day long.

Decorating your Mocka Teepee


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