Decorating your Entryway

19th Oct 2020

Does your entryway look bare or do you have a nook in your home that you would love to style with beautiful décor?

Entryways are usually the first area that guests see when they visit your home. Making a great first impression shows your guest your style, level of cleanliness, and gives them a quick insight into your lifestyle.

It’s easy to decorate an entryway and add style to the front section of your home. An entryway is usually a place in the home where shoes accumulate and bags are left. If you want to impress your guests or anyone that knocks at your door, there are some simple and affordable styling options that you can do to revamp this small space.

Add shelves and storage that you can adorn with ornaments and decorative pieces. A Jimmy Stand is an affordable piece of shelving that can be used as both a shoe and bag stand or can be decorated with potted plants, trinkets and artwork to add style to your entryway.

If you are looking for more functional pieces, wall mounted coat racks are perfect for entryways. Choose a decorative coat rack that will match the style throughout your home and hang decorative pieces from it to make a statement. Felt balls, a beautiful hat, stylish handbags or statement umbrellas turn a wall mounted coat rack into a decorative piece suitable for any busy entryway.

If you don’t have enough room in your entryway, artwork can make a visual impact without taking up valuable floor space. When installing artwork in your entryway choose pieces that match the style and colour palette of your home. You can make a statement with one large piece or mix it up and hang a couple of pieces together.

Make a great first impression by redecorating the entryway in your home. You will love opening the door and receive compliments when your guests first walk in.

Jimmy Stand styled images from The Design Chaser and Tarina Lyell.

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