Create a Cool Kids Bedroom for Under $800

20th Oct 2020

Create a Cool Kids Bedroom for Under $800

Kids spend a lot of time in their bedroom sleeping and playing so when it comes to styling their room you want to make sure that it’s functional, stylish and fun - without breaking the bank.

So how do you create a space that not only looks great but is also functional to handle hours of play? Mocka have set a challenge to create two stylish kids bedrooms for under $800.00 to show you how easy it is.

When styling your kids bedroom start with fundamental pieces of furniture including a bed and storage. Mocka chose their Sonata Bed for this challenge as it adds a contemporary vintage element to the room while enlivening the space with a bright burst of colour. This bed meets the Australian and New Zealand cot safety standards so you can rest assure knowing that your child is sleeping in a safe bed.

Storage is a must for kid’s bedrooms and you can never have too much storage to house all of your child’s clothes and toys. To save money choose a storage piece that doubles as a bedside table. For this challenge Mocka opted for the Post Box 2 and Brooklyn Side Drawers for their sleek contemporary design and storage space.

For additional storage, place a couple of stylish portable storage pieces in the corner of the room. Portable storage pieces are not only great for holding extra toys but they help to add a decorative element to the space. Mocka’s Stacka Boxes and Wire Baskets are perfect light weight pieces for kid’s bedrooms.

Finally, no kid’s bedroom is complete without a cool place for them to sit. Mocka’s great range of kids chairs, seats, bean bags and pouffes provide the perfect place for your child to sit and read a book. Mocka’s new Pod Seat provides a hidden storage compartment to stash away Lego, dolls and blankets.

To finish off the room add some display shelves for trinkets and decorative toys and a colourful quilt cover to liven up the space.

It’s easy to create a cool kids bedroom for less with the right products and advice. Mocka created these two kids bedrooms for under $800.00 each. The design really packs a punch with style and the price won't break with bank.

Perfectly Pink Kids Bedroom

Kids bedroom furniture - Pink

Sonata Bed - $249.95

Kids Acapulco Lounge Chair - $129.95

Wire Baskets - $69.95

Post Box 2 - $79.95

Shadow Boxes - $59.95

Little Yawn Bedding Spring Feathers Quilt Cover - $179.00

Total - $768.75

Green with Envy Kids Bedroom

Kids bedroom for under 1000 x 2

Sonata Bed - $249.95

Pod Seat - $59.95

Stacka Box - $24.95

Brooklyn Side Drawers - $99.95

Shadow Boxes - $59.95

Little Yawn Bedding Battle of Narnia Quilt Cover - $169.00

Total - $663.75


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