Containing the Child Clutter

23rd Jun 2016

Containing the Child Clutter

As any parent knows, children make a lot of mess during their play. Playtime is meant to be fun, free and imaginative, but at the end of the day, a tidy, sorted house is a relaxed house. Mocka have a range of storage options that you and your children can use together to contain clutter when playtime is over.

Hang it up

Grab a Kids Tree Hanger for hanging and sorting dress up clothes. The Kids Tree Hanger is the perfect height for little people to help with hanging items at the end of the day. Ideal for superhero outfits and girly handbags alike. Or for a wall mounted hanger, the Mocka Hang It All - Coloured adds a splash of colour to any room.

Throw it in a box 

A staple in any child-friendly house is the Mocka Toy Box. With soft close hinges to avoid jammed fingers, children can throw all manner of toys out of sight and shut the lid. Alternatively, grab a Bronx Crate in either classic plain white or with a bright printed design for a more open storage box without a lid.

Sort and tidy

To teach your child the art of sorting toys and putting things away neatly, why not try a Luna 4 Cube or Luna 8 Cube Storage Unit. These units can be used as multi-sectioned book cases, or add some fabric boxes to sort like toys together. A box for My Little Ponies, a box for Lego, a box for art supplies. The options are endless with one of these storage units.


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