Choosing the Right Bedside Table for your Bedroom

20th Oct 2020

Before you begin shopping for bedside tables, it’s best to think about the type of side tables that would suit the style of your bedroom. Do you need a multi-functional side table with storage space or are you looking for one just to complement the existing decor in your room? Regardless of the space that you are working with, read through the tips below before shopping. It might make the decision and purchase process a lot easier for you.


When looking for a bedside table the most important aspect to consider before purchasing is the space and use of the room. Is your bedroom small, large, wide or narrow? If you have a small room, you might want to consider floating shelves or stools instead of a conventional side table. Floating shelves are less bulky and will make the room appear lighter as they mounted to the wall.  Stools like Mocka’s Leni Bentwood or Hudson Stool are lighter options. If you have a more spacious room, the heavier and larger side tables can be used to make a statement in the room and add extra storage space.

Style and functionality

When shopping for side tables you should consider the use of the room. Is the bedroom that you are styling for adults, kids, teens or your guests? The style of the side table will change depending on the use of the room. If it’s a guest room, you may not need drawers and can usually opt for a more decorative side table such the Maya Tray. If it’s a kid’s bedroom the Post Boxes add a fun element to the room. Otherwise, the Brooklyn or Jolt Bedside Drawers which have additional storage space may suit a teenagers retreat or the master bedroom.


The price of the side table is usually the deciding factor. To avoid disappointment, if you have a small budget then only look at the products that are priced within your margins. Don’t be misled by the more expensive items either. Styling your side tables with the right objects and colours can increase the perceived value of the product. Play around with colours, patterns, prints and objects to get the look that you love in your bedroom.

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