Beat the Boredom with these Mocka Products

20th Oct 2020

Beat the Boredom with these Mocka Products
Spring is now upon us and along with it comes school holidays. The weather is becoming deliciously warm and more and more of us also have young ones around in need of entertainment. So before the boredom begins to really set in, check out these stellar Mocka products that will help you stop that boredom in its tracks and maybe even get your children outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Check them out!'

1. Teepees

Our ever-popular Teepees are favourites among children and adults alike. Lightweight and portable, you can simply fold a teepee up and take it outside for the perfect picnic. Add cushions, a soft toy (or ten) and some yummy treats and no one will want to leave this playful abode. The Mocka Teepee is also a must for every sleepover. They are generously sized so can fit multiple kiddies and provide hours of fun as they play together.

teepee fairys

teepee others

2. Box Carts and Balance Bikes

What more do you need on a warm, sunny day then a set of wheels and an open path? Our Box Cart and Balance Bikes are the perfect solution for energetic kids. Let them ride and push each other around the park or at home. Not only do they get to enjoy the outdoors, but these bikes help to develop motor skills and burn energy (which should hopefully translate to happy, sleepy kids!).

box cart

balance bike

3. Hudson Table and Chairs and Art House

Get your child’s creative juices flowing with a Hudson Kid Table and Chair Set or an Art House. Grab a set of crayon, pencils or paints and some scrap paper and let them get to work creating their own individual masterpiece on the Hudson Table. The Art House is also a fantastic holiday project. Whether with a bunch of friends, siblings or by themselves, every boy and girl will have so much fun decorating their very own Art House.

hudson table and chairs

art house


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